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Tiny Tips No. 5

By Michelle Watkins, RDH on November, 27 2018
Michelle Watkins, RDH

Michelle is a dental hygienist with a history working in private practice, public health, education and advocacy.

Working in dentistry can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. We've set out to gather the best tips and tricks to help you power through your workday. 

Tiny Tip #5 - 

I’ve come across a hygienist or twelve who says, "I have no time to perio chart and there are never any assistants to help." My tip for them: When time is tight, chart bleeding and any probe depth 4 and up.

This documents disease and it is quickly visual. The perio charts in my office carry forward, so the first time I probe someone, I chart recession, furcation, mobility, bleeding, suppuration, probe depth, and so then the next time they come in, I only have to chart changes.

But when the day gets tight while I’m filling in at offices where they use different perio programs, I need to document what is most important: disease. So, 4+ and bleeding, and make general notations about recession and furcations and such in the chart notes. It can be done and it doesn't have to be convoluted and complicated. The most important thing is documentation, education and how to treat what you have just diagnosed.


Tune in next week for another tiny tip!


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