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When Little Things Become Everything: An Exploration on Instrumentation & Biomechanics for the Dental Hygienist

Presented by Katrina Klein, RDH, CEAS, CPT

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Anyone who has practiced chairside knows that dental hygiene is a physically taxing career. Even on the best of days, physical fatigue is an uphill battle. What is hard to grasp is that it’s the sum of the little things we do “just real quick” in and out of the operatory that equals the whole of our body pain… or wellness. The cellular death and subsequent pain or loss of function that is a result of chronically compressed joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves is only the beginning of the journey. 

Join dental ergonomic specialist and certified personal trainer Katrina Klein, RDH, CEAS, CPT, on an extensive exploration on the biomechanics of dental hygiene instrumentation and how to make subtle changes in practice that add up to big results for less body pain. 

  • Understand the biomechanics and manifestations behind the body pain experienced amongst the majority of dental hygienists
  • Discover neutral body friendly operator and patient positioning for use during clinical practice
  • Identify parts and pieces of instruments that can be used to reduce body pain and relief unnecessary body strain
  • Demonstrate an understanding of body preparedness before practice that lead to whole body wellness

AGD Code: 550

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Katrina Klein, RDH, CEAS, CPT

Katrina is a 15 year registered dental hygienist, national speaker, author, competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, certified ergonomic assessment specialist and biomechanics nerd. She’s the founder of ErgoFitLife, where she teaches that ergonomics and fitness are a lifestyle to prevent, reduce or even eliminate pain.

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