How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Halloween Candy? [Infographic]

By Young Dental on October, 24 2019
How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Halloween Candy? [Infographic]
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Wait, that fun-size candy bar has how much sugar?

Celebrating Halloween with a list of candy bar sugar contents is no fun ... unless you're a dental hygienist!

To give you some context, 1 teaspoon of sugar equals out to about 4 grams of sugar. Which means some of these little candies pack a seriously sugary punch.

For example, instead of eating a fun-size pack of Skittles, you could just eat three teaspoons of pure sugar ... and still have consumed less sugar. 😵

Is your favorite Halloween treat on the list? Tell us what it is in the comments!


Click here to download a PDF of the infographic.

Source: POPSUGAR. Fitness.

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