We're Back!

By Young Dental on February, 9 2021
We're Back!
Young Dental

We take great pride in developing innovative dental hygiene products that are manufactured in the USA.

You may have noticed that Hygienicated took a little bit of a break in 2020. It’s pretty easy to guess why.

Back in March and early April of 2020, the world collectively braced itself to fight a new virus sweeping across the globe. Everything came to a screeching halt. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

Masks became a part of our lifestyle outside of the op. Dental offices closed for weeks or months. And if you were open, many patients were hesitant to come in. For many offices, this new reality continues.

But we’re getting there. Slowly.

Naturally, under the shadow of the pandemic, our priorities quickly shifted, as they did across nearly every industry. As a U.S.-based dental manufacturer, Young Innovations continued to support the dental market as we jumped into an entirely new healthcare segment: COVID-19 testing.

Our facility in Grafton, Wis., has famously produced Microbrush applicators for more than three decades. Our expertise in flocked applicators positioned us perfectly to start manufacturing COVID-19 test swabs, so we quickly pivoted to meet the country’s overwhelming testing demands, which continue today.

While we were busy doing all of that, our blog took a backseat.

But the exciting news is that we’re back! That means there’s some kind of light at the end of this pandemic, right? Hey, we’ll take it.

The purpose of Hygienicated has always been to inform, and maybe even sometimes entertain. The spirit of that mission continues with the blog’s revival, and we look forward to bringing you meaningful content as we all navigate this post-Covid world together.

We can’t wait to see more of you in 2021.

Stay safe out there!


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