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Snow Day!!!

By Young Dental on January, 12 2022
Snow Day!!!
Young Dental

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Depending on where you live January might bring you a snow day!  Snow days were the greatest when we were kids, but now they are a little stressful.  Do you cancel patients and close the office?  Or do you brave the roads only to have all the patients no show?  It's a tough decision for sure.  

So to blow off a little stress steam, let's look at how we can have fun with the snow.

Check out how some creative people showed off to the neighborhood their love of teeth. Maybe they even inspired a few people to brush!

If you are a snow artist be sure to send us pictures of your Cuspy Creation!!

Looking for creative office advertising?

Advertising can be expensive, not to mention confusing.  Why not a snow tooth to show patients how creative and fun your office is! What a great Ambassador for your practice. I bet the new patients will come pouring in.  You might even get some social media tags out of it!



An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Well without your dental team that apple will be tough to chew! Encourage healthy eating and beautiful teeth with this masterpiece.

There's some serious artistry going on here.  And clearly no airway issues.  However those canines are pretty flat.  This guy might need a nightguard!


Open Wide!!!

This is a clever way to use that bank of snow near your mailbox! Show your mail carrier your big mouth!  And maybe this guy avoids junk mail!


Holy Molar!

Review your morphology with this molar creation. No cavities there!

Pop quiz, which molar is it?



Do you squeeze from the middle, or roll up from the end?

Squeeze every last bit out of winter with this creative snow sculpture. Now where is that toothbrush?


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