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The Unconventional Dental Hygienist: Taking the Reins Back

By Paula Snyder, RDH, BSDH on March, 23 2021
The Unconventional Dental Hygienist: Taking the Reins Back
Paula Snyder, RDH, BSDH

I have been caring for dental patients in the San Francisco Bay Area over 15 years. I also worked as a Dental Hygiene Clinical instructor for nearly six years. I am an active member of my Dental Hygiene community by serving on the board of my local CDHA component, and networking with hygienists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Young Innovations’ Clinical Education program encourages hygienists to expand their roles by creating unique and timely CE courses to present to other dental professionals. We’re working with several hygienists who are developing CE courses, including Erica Brigham, RDH. We sat down with her to ask about her new course, and what it was like to create her first CE presentation.

“The Unconventional Dental Hygienist” is a new CE course that proves we can kick the monotony out of our professional day. 

Presenter Erica Brigham, RDH, will be offering tips on how to insert “sparks of joy” into each appointment and feel more personally satisfied. We reached out to Erica to find out more about her and why she selected this topic for her very first presentation.

“I was prompted to create this because I LOOOVE clinical education and am committed, maybe obsessed, with being a lifetime learner,” Erica said. “I’m refreshed when I attend courses that provide skills and insights that I can use to enrich my professional AND personal life.”

Erica is cognizant of the additional tasks and responsibilities that hygienists have taken on since COVID-19 hit last year, and she’ll give us tips on how to overcome habitual processes and create efficient ones, instead.

During the course of Erica’s research, she was surprised by the number of her peers still “performing their job the same way there were taught in dental hygiene school…” She wants to provide a “pleasant reminder that we still possess a certain level of control over our workday and appointments…” Sounds good to us!

“Individuality, quality and efficiency can co-exist, and may even result in self-empowerment,” said Erica. “We’re healthcare providers, after all. We should also provide health for ourselves.”

This course has already been presented as a live webinar, but check back for future dates!


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