Welcome to Hygienicated

By Young Dental on October, 1 2018
Welcome to Hygienicated
Young Dental

We take great pride in developing innovative dental hygiene products that are manufactured in the USA.

Hy·gen·i·ca·ted verb
pronounced /hī•jen•i•kā•ted/ 

1. When you know dental hygiene is the best job in the world and you are HERE FOR IT

2. Flawlessly powering through appointment after appointment, day in and day out

3. The inability to be anything less than awesome


Welcome to our blog - we're glad you're here! Hygienicated (pronounced hī•jen•i•kā•ted) is our latest outlet for all things dental hygiene.

If a career in dental hygiene is anything, it’s the opposite of boring. It’s a perfectly balanced universe that can turn to “controlled” chaos in a moment’s notice. It sometimes means no lunch breaks. It sometimes means managing a patient’s severe anxiety, despite not having a doctorate in psychology.

Maybe it’s finding an unusually large clump of fluoride varnish in your hair and wondering just how long it’s been there.

It means caring for your patients day in and day out, no matter what. It’s an amazingly rewarding career, but no one ever said it was easy. We don’t have to tell you, though.

If you’re a hygienist, you’re lucky enough to be part of a community of amazing professionals who make a difference every single day. You’re incredible at what you do, yet always looking for ways to be better. Not for you, though. For your patients. And we respect that. 

This blog is a celebration of everything dental hygiene – we hope you enjoy celebrating with us!

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