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Bizarre Finds: What the Tooth?!

By Young Dental on August, 30 2021
Bizarre Finds: What the Tooth?!
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🎵 How bizarre 
How bizarre, how bizarre 
Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby) 
It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy) 
Everytime I look around 
Everytime I look around (Everytime I look around) 
Everytime I look around 
It's in my face 🎵 


Welcome to Bizarre Finds: What the Tooth?! Edition

OMC's 1995 hit "How Bizarre" seems like a fitting theme song for these weird and wonderful tooth-related finds. If you stumble upon a "What the tooth?!" of your own, be sure to share it with us.


1. Multi-Tasking at its Finest

✔️ Wedding Cake

✔️ Wedding Shoes

✔️ Boards Practice

You can have your cake and scale it too. Whether you're getting married, hosting a birthday party or dealing with a wicked sweet tooth, the key to an efficient and fulfilling life is to multi-task whenever possible. Just when you thought you were doing it all, you see a cake like this and realize that you most certainly were not.




2. Lucrative Side Hustle

While others debate if the glass is half empty or half full, this hustler sells it. Think about all of those extractions you've thrown away over the years. What a waste! You could have been selling them on Etsy for $18 a pop...🤔 Interestingly enough, at the time of publication, the "rough condition" teeth were completely sold out.  


Real Human Molar



3. You've Made Quite a Spectacle of Yourself...

To be clear, we don't think grandma's going to like what you did to her dentures. Although we are highly supportive of creatively incorporating teeth into fashion, we prefer a more subtle approach. Would you wear these? 🤓 





4. Peek-A-Boo Piercings

Because your teeth want to see the world, even when your mouth's closed. 👀

What is it with the young'uns these days? If they're not eating tide pods, they're filing down their teeth or creating lip windows. We're all about self-expression but not when it exacerbates dry mouth. Hopefully, they're stocking up on xylitol gum.


Lip Window





5. Front Door Décor

Nothing says "dental office" like a periodontally involved maxillary molar hanging by the front door! In fact, for most of the late 19th and early 20th centuries dentists would use visual symbols, such as a wooden tooth, to help illustrate their services. That's because as late as 1920 roughly 6% of the adult population remained illiterate.

These days the visual representation may not be as necessary as it once was, but it can certainly bring your curb appeal to the next level. The bloody detail is a bit much, but beyond that we absolutely ADORE this sign. Would you hang it up at your office? Let us know in the comments!

Wooden Tooth Sign

Photo credit: Kaeli Darnell via Facebook, antique store, Tacoma, WA



6. Hey baby, can I take a bite?

Every few years a vampire themed book comes along creating a feverish desire to bring the supernatural to life. In 1897 it was Bram Stoker's Dracula, in 1976 it was  Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, then 2005's Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and most recently Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead‎. 

Lucky for any bloodsucker wannabe, you can sport a snazzy pair of fangs for less than $10 thanks to Amazon. Cross "Find Halloween costume" off your to-do list. Woot, woot!

Vampire Fangs

Grab your pair of (cheap) vampire fangs here.



7. SMILE, It's Party Time!

If you're not serving cocktails with anatomical ice impressions, are you even a dental professional?! This silicon gem of a mold can be used to create ice, cookies, fondant teeth, cement sculptures, soap, and anything else your crafty mind can dream up.

Anatomical Ice Mold

Another Amazon find, get it here.



8. Gee Whiz

They just don't make novelty gags like they used to. This gem is a 1960's knockoff of a classic S.S. Adams Co. prank toy from the 1940's. Sam Adams, the founder of SS Adams Co, is arguably the most famous inventor and manufacturer of magic tricks and pranks in the last 100 years. Ever heard of a Stink Bomb? Snapping Gum? Sneezing Powder? You can thank the "King of Professional Pranksters" for them all, including this tooth gag.  


Toothpick Prank

Toothpick Prank Back


"Indelicate, but very funny."


Sam Adams of S.S. Adams Co.    The Joy Buzzer

Sam Adams, pictured above, showing a clear "joie de vivre". Below is another famous Adams invention, the Joy Buzzer.



9. Eggceptional Art

Artist Jennifer Sutherland creates dolls and sculptures that range from whimsical to eccentric. This collection is part of her "Mad Scientist Laboratory" where you'll find "crazy creations that make you do a double take." Hand sculpted and made using real eggs, these pieces are sure to make any dental professional smile. Although, you may want to break out a scaler for a few of them. 


The Eggsplorer

the Eggsplorer


Egg N Stein

Egg n Stein


Golden Egg

Golden Egg



10. Mouth-to-Mouth Coffee

We stumbled upon this delightful gold tooth mug on reddit. It's perfect for when you want your drink to pour out of someone else's mouth before going into your own. Just remember to drink your coffee with a straw or you'll risk staining two sets of teeth. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find the original source of this image or any information on if it's really available for purchase. Looks like your search for the perfect gift is not over yet, tooth friends.


Gold tooth mug


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