Confession Corner

Confession Corner No. 3

By Young Dental on November, 2 2018
Confession Corner No. 3
Young Dental

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We all have them, those hilarious moments that make us want to die of shame or laugh so hard we cry. Sometimes we do or say something unbearably awkward, other times our patients say something laugh-out-loud funny. If we're really lucky, we simply witness a coworker's embarrassing moment.

No matter how things went down, we all have mortifying moments we can relate to!



"Before I became a dental hygienist, I used to be a dental assistant at a community health clinic. One particular morning, I was assigned as a float, so I would run back and forth from room to room preparing patients for their respective providers. At that moment, Dr. Lee was performing an extraction on a patient with his assistant Isabel. I walked past their operatory to see if they needed anything and suddenly I hear the patient gag followed by a loud PRRRRRT! Isabel had accidentally moved the suction tip too close to the uvula which caused the patient to gag and let out a big fart 💨!! I walked away to hide my laughter and the doctor quickly followed! The doctor returned to the room and the patient apologized to which the doctor said "Don't worry! It happens to me too! 😂😂😂"

- Tori




"One day, I was talking to kindergartners about oral health at their school. I asked if anyone had any questions and one young man kept raising his hand saying "I do, please!" So I called on him and said "What is your question?" He stood up and said "My daddy just got outta jail!" The teacher escorted him out really fast and needless to say we were done for the day! I love dentistry!"

- Debbie B.




"One day, I had an elderly woman in a wheelchair come in for an appointment. The assistant helped me get the patient into the chair, so I was behind the woman holding the chair and the assistant was in front. As the patient stood up, I realized that the dress she was wearing had no back to it and she was not wearing any underwear! Needless to say I thoroughly disinfected the chair after she left."

- Carrie S.




"Early in my career, I had a male patient ask if he should remove his cap. With total dental tunnel-vision, I replied: "Oh is it the removable kind?", thinking it was a dental crown. Of course he meant his baseball cap."

- Christi, RDH




"One of my first patients as a hygienist was an old boyfriend and I was very nervous. I picked up the suction to use on him and explained that this was an ejaculator that I needed to use to empty his mouth. He laughed, almost choked and I nearly died of embarrassment. He ended up becoming an endodontist and I can't look him in the face to this day."

- Anonymous




"A few weeks ago a patient brought her daughter in for a cleaning. While I'm doing the prophy, mom asks: "Do people with bad breath have it because the germs from their butt travel to the mouth?" I'm like stunned and baffled and about to drop my instruments. We both laughed and then I gave mom an oral micro B lesson. I still laugh when I think about it!"

- Jewel 242


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