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Mind, Body, Soul Series Part 2: Outlive Your Career by Investing in YOU

By BrownGirl, RDH™️ on June, 12 2019
Mind, Body, Soul Series Part 2: Outlive Your Career by Investing in YOU
BrownGirl, RDH™️

BrownGirl, RDH is a non-profit organization representing the underrepresented dental hygienist. Our mission is to shift the mindset about who can work in the dental hygiene field, remove cultural and economic barriers to joining the dental hygiene workforce, and establish and promote pathways to dental careers.

Is clinical work taking a toll on your body? This three-part series dives deep into key areas - mind, body and soul - that can help you tap into your potential and enjoy a long, rewarding, fulfilling career. Part 2 of our series focuses on how investing in ergonomic practices can help you extend your career.

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Your body should outlast your career. Otherwise, how will you be able to party after retirement? Every dental professional knows how hard sitting, standing, twisting, reaching, hunching over for the tiniest pediatric, COPD, and geriatric patients can be on your body!

Quite often you hear complaints of neck, back and hip aches. Why not invest in ergonomics for the well-being of our bodies, ridding ourselves of body aches, and subsequently early retirement?

Research has proven that musculoskeletal disorders are common for dental health professionals. A recent study showed “prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in the dental professions has been well established, and can have detrimental effects on the industry, including lower productivity and early retirement.”

Investing in ergonomic equipment now will save you from aches and pains (physically and financially), both presently and the future. Examples of ergonomic equipment for the dental professionals are dental loupes, convenient lighting, ergonomic seating, and operatories that allow you to maneuver easily around the patient for those 9, 10, 11 and 12 o’clock positions (for right-handed individuals!).

Dental loupes should be designed to make you sit with correct posture. The specialist will measure you and recommend the right magnification for you. RDH magazine put together a checklist when shopping for dental loupes. Make sure you purchase a light with the loupes because it makes seeing so much more convenient!

Saddle stools are not for everyone but I personally enjoy my saddle stool. I am able to push myself around the patient with ease while sitting upright. This is very handy when perio-charting, and sliding back and forth from the patient to the keyboard. The stools range from $100-$1000+. 

Stretch the fingers, wrist and thumbs daily! This video may be helpful from Hygiene Edge: Arm Stretches for the Dental Hygienist.

Invest in YOU!!!

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