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Mind, Body, Soul Series Part 3: What's Your Meditation Method?

By BrownGirl, RDH™️ on June, 14 2019
Mind, Body, Soul Series Part 3: What's Your Meditation Method?
BrownGirl, RDH™️

BrownGirl, RDH is a non-profit organization representing the underrepresented dental hygienist. Our mission is to shift the mindset about who can work in the dental hygiene field, remove cultural and economic barriers to joining the dental hygiene workforce, and establish and promote pathways to dental careers.

Have you ever sat down to think about what really, truly brings you joy? This three-part series dives deep into key areas - mind, body and soul - that can help you tap into your potential and enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling, peace-filled career. Part 3 of our series focuses on meditating to understand what brings you happiness in life and in your career.

Merriam Webster and Oxford dictionary both have similar definitions for the term soul. My definitions are simple. The soul is something you can feel within you. The emotional part of you that you cannot control. That feeling you have in a situation when you know something is not right. Or that intuition you had that your friend said you should have followed. 

If the soul is the moral and emotional nature of human beings; the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment; the spiritual principle embodied in human beings; the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life etc., shouldn’t we take time to understand who we are, what brings us joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment in life? 

Everyone has something that makes them happy or brings them joy and peace. Sometimes we allow stress in our careers to interfere with that something. Often times we need to step back and take a deep breath, perceive the situation using a different mindset.

If the issue can’t be resolved, why continue to stress over it? Let it be. Take time out to take care for you. Worrying and stressing over something that you cannot change is only hindering you. Learn from your mistakes, move on or try another way.

Meditation feeds the soul. My meditation is prayer. I pray in the mornings before work, throughout the day and before bed. It brings me peace. I often reflect on good or bad days. I figure out what worked and where I can improve.

Other people have their own methods of meditation. Yoga, working out at the gym, breathing exercises, listening to music, singing. Whatever method of meditation you choose that brings you peace, do it.

When your soul is at peace, your mind is at ease, and you are able to think clearer and make better decisions that lead to a healthier you. Click here for an interesting article on meditation: “Five days of meditation eases stress, improves attention.”

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