Weird Things You Use Your Scalers For

By Dental Hygiene Nation on October, 14 2019
Dental Hygiene Nation

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We know that title totally gave you a smug-smile, dental babe, because we’re ALL guilty of it. Yep, maybe not the ones we use on our patients, but those scalers we keep at home for our own use? Those guys do the real work 😉

Now, let’s get one thing straight before we enter the weird-world-of-scalers: we obviously would never use these scalers on our patients after using them for anything like this …

1. Opening Mail ✉️




Paper cuts are a real thing … and when you’re washing your hands 84 times a day, they’re certainly something you don’t want to deal with!

For a clean, crisp open on your letter, pull your scaler from one side to the other and voila! You have yourself a letter opener.

2. Zipping Up a Dress 👗




This is a personal favorite of ours! Too many times, we’re struggling to try on a dress but can’t reach far enough to get the zipper up!

We know your scaler is always in your purse, but double check that it is on shopping days. Looping the scaler through the zipper to pull it up is a lifesaver when shopping alone!

3. Resetting Electronics 📱




I mean seriously Apple and Samsung, could the SIM card holder or reset buttons BE any smaller!?

Good thing us Dental Babes have scalers for this life hack, because they fit perfectly into the small hole! We may not always have a safety pin with us, but you better believe we’re always carrying our personal scaler!

4. Untying Knots 🎀




Whether it be in your shoe lace or favorite necklace, your scaler will have that knot out in no time!

DISCLAIMER: be careful with this hack, “feeling a tad stabby” when it’s you vs. a shoe lace can be dangerous! (This Boge 513™ Scaler really helped lower the stab wound risk.)

5. Re-Threading a Drawstring 👖




One of the most frustrating things ever is when your drawstring on your favorite DHN hoodie gets lost inside the hood.

Try pushing the sting as far as you can and then inserting the scaler to hook and pull the string the rest of the way through.

6. Anti-Clogging Device 🚿




Now this one will take some serious sanitization afterwards, but believe it or not, scalers can unclog a drain quite well!

The old life hack is to use an unraveled wire hanger to do the trick, but a scaler’s perfectly straight body with the metal hook on the end would do an even better job in shallow drains and pipes!

7. Cleaning Under Your Nails 💅




OK, you’re probably cringing a little. But let’s be honest – scalers make the BEST under-nail scrapers.

With a few strategic twists and turns, you can get every speck of dirt. And, viola! Your nails have never been cleaner.

8. Scaling Your Own Teeth 👄




The obvious, scaling your own teeth! … Only after seriously, seriously disinfecting and sharpening your scaler (or better yet, using a new one!)

We’re sure the possibilities are endless, so what’s the weirdest thing you’ve used your scaler for? Let us know by commenting below! 👇


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