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Weird Things You Use Your Scalers For
By Dental Hygiene Nation on October 14, 2019

We know that title totally gave you a smug-smile, dental babe, because we’re ALL guilty of it. Yep, maybe not the ones we use on our patients, but those scalers we keep at home for our...

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Spotified with DHN
By Dental Hygiene Nation on October 12, 2018

A good playlist can be hard to find. Luckily, the team at Hygienicated has your back! We've collaborated with Dental Hygiene Nation to put together an awesome playlist for you. Enjoy...

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Best Nude Polishes for Clinic
By Dental Hygiene Nation on October 8, 2018

One of the never-ending struggles of dental hygiene school is wanting nails that look nice, but not being able to have your nails painted for clinic. I mean, we definitely understand...

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