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  • 8.5.21 Dull and Dangerous

    Dull and Dangerous: Why Keeping Your Dental Instruments Sharp Matters

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  • top_5_ways_to_practice_safe_ergonomics

    How to Practice Safer Dentistry: Tips From an Ergonomics Coach

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  • 9.9.21

    XP Sharpen-Free: FAQ's from a Dental Hygienist

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How-To, Ergonomics, Tips and Tricks

How Does Ergonomics Improve Productivity?
By Young Dental on January 16, 2024

As a dental care provider, it's easy to become so focused on your patient's comfort that you may end up pushing your own health risks aside. Muscle pain and tension in the arms, hands, and...

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News, Clinical Education, Tips and Tricks

Transformative Healing: Topical Debridement for Effective Dental Care and Reduced Infection Risk
By Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH on December 11, 2023

In the landscape of oral health, periodontal disease stands as a formidable adversary, affecting millions of Americans and posing significant challenges to overall well-being. As we delve...

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How-To, Ergonomics, Tips and Tricks

Best Dental Ergonomic Assessments & Practices
By Erika Lauren, RDH on December 1, 2023

Dedication to great ergonomics may be the most important effort one can make in the dental office (yes, even more than winning the thermostat battle). Ergonomics is the study of one’s...

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How-To, Patient Care, Tips and Tricks

Improving Treatment Plan Compliancy with Dental Patients
By Young Dental on November 15, 2023

What if every "yes" saved a patient's tooth? Creating a treatment plan that resonates with your patients that will yield a "yes" indeed relies on knowing the "why?" Every resonating...

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Orthodontics, Tips and Tricks

How My "Clear Aligner" Journey Helped Me Help My Patients
By Tina Clarke, RDH, MEd on July 15, 2022

A few months ago, I finished my clear aligner journey. This experience helped me better understand what my patients may encounter, how to advise them on their journey, and which questions...

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Self-Care, Tips and Tricks

6 Bad Habits Every RDH Should Avoid
By Stephanie Botts, RDH, BSDH, CEAS on October 15, 2021

Dental hygiene is a rewarding yet sometimes challenging profession. Most of us are type-A, perfectionist personalities while also being caretakers. These qualities are what make us...

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