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  • 8.5.21 Dull and Dangerous

    Dull and Dangerous: Why Keeping Your Dental Instruments Sharp Matters

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  • top_5_ways_to_practice_safe_ergonomics

    How to Practice Safer Dentistry: Tips From an Ergonomics Coach

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  • 9.9.21

    XP Sharpen-Free: FAQ's from a Dental Hygienist

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Picture of Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA

Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA

Jasmine is a traveling registered dental hygienist, clinical educator, speaker and influencer with a passion for inspiring, mentoring, and empowering current and future health care professionals.

Patient Care

Oral Hygiene Home Remedies (That Actually Work)
By Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA on July 28, 2021

We know the secret to dental care lies with the basics: Brushing teeth twice daily, flossing and regular dental visits. While there has always been an interest in natural home remedies...

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School Is In: Choosing a Dental Hygiene Program

You’ve done your research. You weighed the pros against the cons. You’ve imagined what your future life will be like. And you made the commitment to become a dental hygienist.You may think...

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How-To, Patient Care, Preventive Care

Fluoride Varnish Acceptance: How to Get Patients from 'No' to 'Yes'
By Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA on April 30, 2021

As dental hygienists, many of us have had countless conversations with patients about in-office fluoride treatment recommendations. Usually the conversation goes something like this:...

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Infection Control

Suction Backflow: What You Need to Know
By Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA on February 25, 2021

As dental professionals, we should always be evaluating our processes and educating ourselves on current best practices. One area we should be focusing on is saliva ejectors.While used in...

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Lifestyle, Career

10 Qualities of a Great Hygienist
By Jasmine Williams, RDH, BSDH, MHA on September 4, 2019

The personalities and characteristics of dental hygienists can vary greatly, but successful practitioners share some common traits. Here are 10 qualities that help make a great dental...

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Lifestyle, How-To

Meal Planning Tips for Dental Hygienists

As a dental hygienist, balancing a busy personal life with strenuous work demands can easily result in making poor eating decisions. My work schedule is non-traditional and ever-changing,...

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