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  • 8.5.21 Dull and Dangerous

    Dull and Dangerous: Why Keeping Your Dental Instruments Sharp Matters

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  • top_5_ways_to_practice_safe_ergonomics

    How to Practice Safer Dentistry: Tips From an Ergonomics Coach

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  • 9.9.21

    XP Sharpen-Free: FAQ's from a Dental Hygienist

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Picture of Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH

Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH

Melia has been a dental hygienist for 10 years and loves being part of the dental field. She's originally from Alberta, Canada, but now lives and works in Utah. When she's not practicing dental hygiene or working on her website Hygiene Edge, she loves being in the Utah Mountains or being with her 5 year old Georgia.

Preventive Care

XP Sharpen-Free Instruments: FAQs from a Dental Hygienist
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on August 26, 2021

You’ve probably heard of American Eagle’s XP® Sharpen-Free instruments before, have seen them on social media, or held one at a dental conference in years past. But, seeing one for the...

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5 Reasons to Love Your Dental Hygiene Career
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on February 14, 2020

February is definitely becoming one of my favorite months. We can celebrate in so many different ways – it’s children’s oral health month, January is finally over, and we get to celebrate...

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Patient Care

Embracing the (Dreaded) Pedo Patient
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on February 12, 2020

A few years ago, I got a call from an office to ask if I would temp for them. I was doing a lot of temping work, and somehow this office got my name from another office I had previously...

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Career, Advice

Make 2020 the Best Year of Your Career (So Far)
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on December 5, 2019

With the New Year fast approaching, many of us are starting to think about our resolutions and goals for 2020. Usually these goals have to do with eating healthy or heading to the gym more...

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How-To, Patient Care, Advice

4 Ways to Squeeze in OHE During a Busy Day
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on November 4, 2019

When a hygiene day gets busy and time gets short, some things have to give … and usually the first thing to go is oral hygiene education, or OHE.But, in reality, OHE is one of the most...

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How-To, Advice

Simple Tips for a Smooth Hygiene Appointment
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on October 18, 2019

We’ve all had tricky days in the dental office. Looking for simple tricks to help your day go a bit better and keep your schedule on track (well, at least as much as you can)? Here are a...

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How-To, Advice

Conversation Starters for Patients Who Won't Open Up
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on August 2, 2019

We’ve all been there. A patient slumps down in your chair, head down in their phone. One-word answers to your questions. Eye contact? Forget it. When you mention they’re due for...

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How-To, Career, Advice

Tips for Nailing Your RDH Job Interview
By Melia Lewis, RDH, BSDH on June 17, 2019

You made it through some of the trickiest two years of your life: dental hygiene school. Congratulations! 🎉We know literally blood, sweat, and tears went into your degree, and you’ve...

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