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  • 8.5.21 Dull and Dangerous

    Dull and Dangerous: Why Keeping Your Dental Instruments Sharp Matters

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  • top_5_ways_to_practice_safe_ergonomics

    How to Practice Safer Dentistry: Tips From an Ergonomics Coach

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  • 9.9.21

    XP Sharpen-Free: FAQ's from a Dental Hygienist

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Ergonomics, Self-Care

Control That Noise
By Amanda Zubricki, RDH, BS on April 26, 2022

Raise your hand if you don’t realize hearing loss can happen in dental offices because, well, we may just not know this! We all experience those annoying background noises hovering into our...

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Patient Care, Orthodontics

5 Best Products for Braces
By Katie Melko, RDH, MSDH on April 25, 2022

When it comes to patients taking care of their teeth, one of the biggest hurdles is flossing! Whether it’s a child or adult, this tends to be an area where hygiene falters. Now add braces...

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Patient Care, Clinical Education

Side Effect Support, supporting patients through cancer and beyond
By Jill Meyer Lippert on March 31, 2022

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in every 2 women and 1 in 3 men in the US will develop cancer within their lifetime. (1) In 2022 alone, there will be an estimated 1.9 million...

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Career, Self-Care

Bravely Beating Burnout and Becoming You Again
By Kari Carter-Cherelus on March 31, 2022

For the last few years the word burnout has been on the lips and in the minds of many professionals across all industries. Burnout is defined as a syndrome that is the result of chronic...

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Confession Corner, Clinical Education

RDH confessions: I have a type!
By Amanda Hill, BSDH, RDH on March 17, 2022

I have a confession to make. Please don’t judge me, but I have a type. You know how you tend to stick with people that are like you, places that you’ve been to, stuff you know? Not ...

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Just for Fun

Snow Day!!!
By Young Dental on January 12, 2022

Depending on where you live January might bring you a snow day! Snow days were the greatest when we were kids, but now they are a little stressful. Do you cancel patients and close the...

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Humor, Just for Fun

If Movie Monsters Were in Your Op...
By Young Dental on October 19, 2021

These horror movie monsters and villains have one gruesome trait in common: terrifying mouths. Here’s a look at a few from the hygienist’s perspective. They each have issues that need to be...

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Self-Care, Tips and Tricks

6 Bad Habits Every RDH Should Avoid
By Stephanie Botts, RDH, BSDH, CEAS on October 15, 2021

Dental hygiene is a rewarding yet sometimes challenging profession. Most of us are type-A, perfectionist personalities while also being caretakers. These qualities are what make us...

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Dental Hygiene Horoscopes - September 2021
By Madame Fulcrum on August 31, 2021

THE ZODIAC FOR DENTAL HYGIENISTS Welcome to the dazzling world of Madame Fulcrum. She’ll interpret your dental hygiene stars and provide uncannily accurate celestial advice based on...

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Humor, Just for Fun

Bizarre Finds: What the Tooth?!
By Young Dental on August 30, 2021

🎵 How bizarre How bizarre, how bizarre Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby) It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy) Everytime I look around Everytime I look around (Everytime I look around) ...

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